Congress finds virtue in Rahul's 'ordinance-tear' act

Congress finds virtue in Rahul Gandhi's 'ordinance-tear' act

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. (PTI Photo)

Congress on Thursday found virtue in Rahul Gandhi's 'ordinance tearing' act of 2013 and targeted the BJP for fielding candidates with criminal antecedents following the Supreme Court verdict asking political parties to disclose reasons for fielding tainted candidates.

At the same time, the main opposition targeted the BJP accusing it of making a mockery of the Supreme Court judgment by appointing Anand Singh, a leader facing criminal charges, as a minister in the Karnataka government.

Congress spokesman Jaiveer Shergill also referred to a Supreme Court advisory in August 2014 against inducting a person facing serious criminal charges and a charge sheet in a trial court as a minister.

Shergill wondered whether contempt of court proceedings be launched against Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa for not adhering to the advisory issued by the Supreme Court.

The Congress spokesman also found virtue in the action of Rahul Gandhi, who had publicly torn apart the copy of the draft Ordinance, approved by the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh led Cabinet, that sought to shield convicted lawmakers from disqualification from Parliament.

“When Rahul Gandhi took the first step to cleanse politics, he was mocked. The apex court verdict is a vindication of the step taken by Rahul Gandhi,” Shergill asserted as he welcomed the Apex Court order.

Rahul's act of tearing up of the Ordinance in 2013 was seen as an affront to the then Prime Minister, with many within the Congress also disapproving of his actions. Rahul's act also became a key campaign issue with BJP and Narendra Modi targeting the Congress for “undermining” the office of the Prime Minister.

Shergill mounted an attack on the BJP claiming that 42% of candidates fielded by the ruling party in the Lok Sabha elections had criminal antecedents.

“Even in Parliament there are 106 members who face serious criminal charges of which 92 were from the BJP,” he said.

When pointed out that six Congress lawmakers too faced criminal charges, Shergill said the Congress would endeavour to achieve the goal of decriminalising politics.

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