Sharad Pawar responds to Mamata’s call against CAA, NRC

Sharad Pawar responds to Mamata’s call against CAA, NRC

Responding to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s letter to opposition parties and non-BJP Chief Ministers to unite against the Centre over the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAA) and NRC, NCP president Sharad Pawar has extended support to her in a letter.

Acknowledging Banerjee’s letter dated December 23 Pawar stated that he agrees with her stand regarding “solidarity with all like-minded leaders and parties” to protest against the CAA and NRC.

“ I totally agree with tour concern and pledge to stand in solidarity with the like-minded leaders and parties to protest against the implementation of CAA and nationwide NRC,” stated Pawar.

Expressing his readiness to unite with like-minded parties against the Centre Pawar urged the Chief Minister to inform him about any meeting of opposition parties in this regard.

“I will be happy to associate myself with any concerned plan to rise against the authoritarian regime of the Central government and for saving our democracy. Please inform about any meeting convened or steps taken in this context,” stated Pawar.

The development comes about a week after Banerjee wrote to opposition parties and non-BJP Chief Ministers who are opposed to the CAA and NRC. She urged them to work together against the Centre.

“I appeal to all of you that at this juncture, let us all work together. Opposition party must unite on one platform. The ruling party at the Centre is bulldozing this democratic movement by using state machinery and brute force,” said Banerjee.

She appealed to them to meet and chalk out a plan to determine the future course of action.