New MVA: 16 major traffic offences non-compoundable

New MVA: 16 major traffic offences non-compoundable

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The Union Road Transport Ministry on Wednesday said around 16 offences under Motor Vehicle Act are non-compoundable while remaining are compoundable.

With 63 sections of the amended law being enforced from September 1st, there was confusion among public and law enforcement authorities which are compoundable and which are non-compoundable.

The compoundable offence means traffic rules violators can pay the fine on the spot with law enforcement agencies while non-compoundable offences, offenders have to appear in court. 

Non-compoundable offences

  • Violation of road regulations
  • Defective vehicles
  • Drunken driving
  • Penalty for offences relating to accidents
  • Using vehicles in unsafe condition with defect
  • Penalty for carriage of goods dangerous to human life
  • Sale of a vehicle in or alternation of vehicles to condition contravention the Act
  • Punishments for agents and canvassers
  • Taking vehicle without lawful authority
  • Seizing motor vehicle by force
  • Failure to comply with standard for road design
  • Construction and maintenance
  • Offences by juveniles
  • Revision of fines
  • Penalty for causing obstruction to free flow of traffic
  • Power of state governments to increase penalties
  • Penalty for offences committed by an enforcing authority.

Compoundable offences

  • Travelling without ticket
  • Disobedience of orders of authorities and refusal to give information
  • Unauthorised use of vehicles without licence
  • Driving without licence
  • Driving despite disqualification
  • Acting as a conductor after disqualification
  • Penalty relating to construction, maintenance, sale and alteration of motor vehicles and components
  • Sale of critical safety component in violation of rules
  • Alteration of retrofitting in contravention of rules
  • Oversize vehicles
  • Over speeding
  • Penalty for dangerous driving
  • Penalty for driving when mentally or physically unfit to drive
  • Punishment for racing and speeding
  • Penalty for driving vehicle violating road safety noise/air pollution standards
  • Using a vehicle without a permit
  • Overloading
  • Punishment for front or rear extension of vehicles
  • Refusal to stop and submit a vehicle for weighing
  • Carriage of excess passengers
  • Use of safety belts and seating of children
  • Seating of children below 14 years
  • Penalty for violation of safety measures for motorcycle drivers and pillion
  • Penalty for not wearing helmets
  • Failure to allow free passage to emergency vehicles
  • Penalty for use of phones in silent zones and driving uninsured vehicles.