Wearing face-mask mandatory in Srinagar from May 1

Coronavirus: Wearing face-mask mandatory in Srinagar from May 1

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Wearing face masks has been made mandatory in Srinagar from May 1 in the wake of COVID-19 and any violation in this regard will be treated as an offence under the Disaster Management Act.

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An order issued by Deputy Commissioner Srinagar, Shahid Iqbal Choudhary, says that wearing face masks is mandatory for all residents of Srinagar from May 1. 

“It shall be mandatory to wear Face Mask /Face-covering at all public places including public transport, offices, shopping or market places etc w.e.f 1st May/2020. Medical grade masks which are strictly for hospital use shall, however, be avoided for general use,” it reads.

The order adds that all government offices /private establishments/shops/mandis etc shall put in place arrangements for hand-wash/sanitizers/ soap etc as per the requirement. “Information promoting hygiene/hand-wash shall be displayed at all such places. This shall be applicable for all managed public places and institutions as well,” it says.

The DC has also directed the nodal department to make available 15 lakh masks which have been produced for the public.  

“Assistant Commissioner Development, Srinagar (RRD being Nodal Department) shall make available for public use 15 Lakh masks produced, as per Government order, through Rural Development Department, Social Welfare Department, SHGS and other groups, after approval from a competent authority," reads the order.

The DC has also directed the nodal department to distribute a pack of five masks per family across Srinagar.