Om Birla promises uninterrupted, imparital LS sessions

Birla said that to ensure the House runs smoothly, the Opposition must be given its due time to speak and express itself

Om Birla, the incumbent Speaker of the Lok Sabha, has said that he wants to create an atmosphere conducive to productive functioning of the lower House so it can operate with the confidence of all MPs.

In an interview with the Times of India, Birla touched upon many facets of his tenure and what he expects to bring to the seat of the Speaker.

He said that while the Parliament used to adjourn over pandemonium in the House, but he did not adjourn it since the people want a productive Lower House, and the House functioned without any hindrance during the Budget session.

He also mentioned that the House was sad over the death of Ram Vilas Paswan's brother, but because several MPs wanted the House to continue working and because it costs crores to run Parliament every hour, the House conducted business as usual. He went on to say that the House would not be adjourned, and if it had to be adjourned, it would be for a maximum of half a day.

Talking about the idea of an Opposition, Birla said that to ensure the House runs smoothly, the Opposition must be given its due time to speak, raise questions and express themselves. He also said that it was expected of a government to accept the good suggestions of the Opposition.

On the matter of standing committees in Parliament in the 17th Lok Sabha, Birla said that he gave ample time to encourage maximum debate on every Bill introduced in the House which won't go to the standing committees, which he justified by saying that the Bills would go on to become law for every citizen of India.

Speaking on the matter of Azam Khan's controversial comments, Birla said that only the Speaker is allowed to decide on punishment meted to MPs who go out of line and the members should not make allegations without proof because House proceedings are telecast live and expunging objectionable portions will have no impact on the message sent. He also said the standing committees would be formed before the Winter session of Parliament.

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