Pakistan laying 'honey trap'

Pakistan laying 'honey trap'

A contingent of 900-odd women is being trained by ISI, the Pakistan Intelligence agency, to “honey trap” Indian officials and politicians, intelligence sources here say.

These women are being trained in skills to collect sensitive strategic information after seducing officials in key positions in the Indian establishment, sources say.
The trained “Mata Haris” could also act as sleeping cells for executing terrorist activities in the country.

The intelligence agencies in Punjab are now on an alert to the women coming from across the border.

The agencies have already been alerted following information that the ISI could be attempting to revive militancy in the border district of Punjab.

Recently, two Pakistani intruders, who had sneaked into India, had shot dead two Punjab policemen in an encounter before being shot.

Punjab police suspect the two intruders to be a part of a group of about 10 who crossed into India after relentless shelling from across the border had blown off a portion of the barbed wire fence.

India had erected barbed wire fence along the 535 km Indo-Pak border in Gurdaspur district of Punjab, well within its territory. This was after the decade-long Sikh militancy in the state, well supported by the ISI.
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