Papa is a hero: Vaishali Omble

Papa is a hero: Vaishali Omble

Vaishali Omble.

Tukaram Omble’s death has left a void in his family. If it wasn’t for the brave assistant sub-inspector, Pakistani terrorist Mohammed Ajmal Kasab wouldn’t have been caught alive.

Omble’s statue at Girgaum Chowpatty, near the place where Kasab was captured by him, continues to inspire people.

After 10 years, Omble’s death is still a painful memory for his wife Tarabai and daughters Vaishali and Bharti. “We still feel that over Papa has gone out to police station on duty and will return home,” says Vaishali. “For us, he is a hero, he will remain a hero,” she said.

Omble had taken five bullets on his chest and abdomen from the deadly Kalashnikov assault rifle.

He was conferred with the coveted Ashok Chakra.  “He had caught a fidayeen alive, which had never happened,”  Vaishali adds. 

The 54-year-old Omble, who was attached to the D B Marg police station, hailed from Satara district of western Maharashtra.

“What Omble has done is an exemplary act of bravery. But more than that he ensured that the terrorist is caught alive and he gets a fair trial,” a police official said.