Passport official shunted out for humiliating couple

Passport official shunted out for humiliating couple

An interfaith couple was allegedly harassed by a senior official at the Regional Passport Office in Lucknow when they approached him to renew their passports.

The official, who was transferred following the allegation, claimed that he only followed the rules and did nothing wrong.

The couple, who reached the passport office for renewal on Wednesday, alleged that the official, after he got to know that they belonged to different religions, started asking questions about their faith.

"He asked us to marry again in accordance with Hindu traditions and told my husband to convert to Hinduism," said the wife.

The couple shot off a series of tweets to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, narrating the incident.

Regional Passport Officer Piyush Verma said on Thursday that a show-cause notice has been issued to the official concerned and that he has been shunted out.

Verma also said that passports have been issued to the couple.