Shiv Sena accuses Maha Govt of being soft on TDP chief

Shiv Sena accuses Maha Govt of being soft on TDP chief

He also said that Congress allowed Naidu into Maharashtra in order to "divert" public attention from political rallies by Andhra Pradesh Congress leader Jagan Mohan Reddy.

"If the state government was so serious about taking action against Naidu and his supporters, it should have been strict with them from July 16 when they entered the state," Thackeray said in an editorial in party mouthpiece Saamna.

"Before shifting them to Aurangabad, the government should have made Naidu wear prison clothes, given him a bowl for food and a mug for water. They would have broken the locks of the jail and run away on the first day itself," he said.
However, Naidu's "tantrums" were tolerated and the government bowed down to his demands, including travel in air-conditioned vehicles and comfortable board and lodging, he said.

"Chief Minister Ashok Chavan must explain if Naidu is his son-in-law or a business partner," he said.

Naidu and his supporters were packed off in a special aircraft to Hyderabad last night after spending five days in Maharashtra. The TDP chief was arrested after he tried to visit the site of the controversial barrage.

The Sena chief said, "Congress permitted Naidu to enter the state only to distract attention from Jagan's rallies and the hot (political) atmosphere in Andhra Pradesh".
Congress played the Naidu card to checkmate Jagan, Thackeray said.