Give BJP a chance, Shah tells Telangana voters

Give BJP a chance, Shah tells Telangana voters

BJP President Amit Shah pays floral tributes to Maharaj Agrasen on the occasion of Maharaj Agrasen Jayanti in Hyderabad, on Wednesday. PTI

BJP National president Amit Shah has urged voters of Telangana to bring BJP to power in order to usher development in the state.

Addressing a public meeting in Karimnagar on Wednesday, Shah said that the grand alliance, put forth by the Congress and the TDP, has no guts to fight the TRS-AIMIM combine.

Shah, in his second public meeting within a month in the state, said that the TRS is afraid of the Majlis as the former retracted from its promise to celebrate Telangana liberation from the hands of Nizam.

He said that 12% reservation for minorities will eat away the employment opportunities for the backward classes.

"Give a chance to BJP so that Telangana can be developed at par with other progressive states," he said.

Evoking Telangana's pride, Shah recalled the reported ill-treatment meted out to former prime minister P V Narsimh a Rao, a native of Karimnagar district of Telangana.

"While Narendra Modi walked all the way to the cremation ground with the mortal remains of Atalji, the Congress air-dashed P V's body to Hyderabad, denying the great leader a place in New Delhi," Shah said.

He reiterated his challenge to K Chandrasekhar Rao to project a Schedule Caste person as the chief minister.

"I know he can't do that he has his son and daughter waiting in wings to take the mantle," Shah said.

He wanted to know how KCR can face the voters without fulfilling 150 promises that he made to the people of Telangana.

He also mentioned the rehabilitation of 1,200 families of martyrs,  who fought for separate Telangana.

"What about the double bedroom project. One-lakh jobs and the 3 acre land for SCs promise," Shah asked.

He found fault with the Telangana government for not implementing Ayushman Bharat insurance scheme in the state.

He said that KCR is wasting tax payer's money by opting for an early election.

"Actually, KCR is afraid of Narendra Modi and knows that he will be washed out in simultaneous polls," Shah said.