Love for sibling has no bounds for this auto driver

Love for sibling has no bounds for this auto driver

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It was 32-year old Manu's wedding engagement on Sunday in Thiruvananthapuram. Many were surprised to see Manu coming to the engagement hall carrying a young woman on his hands like a little child. It was his 28-year-old sister Meenu, who was paralysed beneath her waist right from birth.

With someone posting videos footage of the heartrending scenes on the social media, Manu is being showered with praises for his love towards his sibling.

Manu, who is an auto-driver hailing from Vilappilsala on the rural parts of Thiruvananthapuram, had only one condition when his kith and kin insisted on a marriage. The prospective bride should be willing to take care of his sister. Remya Remesh, a ward councillor in Thiruvananthapuram corporation, who came across the family's plight through a relative had no reluctance to the condition.

Manu and Meenu were born to Hareendran Nair and Rema Devi. Though Meenu was treated by many doctors, there was no improvement in her condition. Moreover she also developed hear valve ailment and is undergoing treatment at a government hospital in Thiruvananthapuram, Manu told DH.

From her childhood days onward, Manu used to carry Meenu like parents carry their children. Though Meenu got a wheel chair, it is difficult for her to use it by herself. Many of his friends and relatives used to ask Manu if he felt any heaviness while carrying his grown up sister. "I have been carrying her since my childhood. I even used to take her to school until she had to stop studies at eight standard," says Manu, who could study only up to tenth standard.

With the death of their father Hareendran Nair about eight years back, Manu also started working as auto rickshaw driver to win bread for the family.