Tenth standard student kidnaps a minor for Rs 3L ransom

Tenth standard student kidnaps a minor for Rs 3L ransom

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A tenth standard student kidnapped a seven year old boy and demanded a ransom of Rs 3 lakh from his parents. Police however have foiled his venture and handed over the boy to his parents.

Giving details of the kidnapping, Rachakonda Police commissioner Mahesh M Bhagawat said that a seven year old G Arjun was playing near a swimming pool on Sunday afternoon when the 17-year old class X boy approached him offering chocolates.

The kidnapper while passing through the way from his special classes noticed Arjun playing alone and nobody around. He lured the boy with chocolates and invited him to play with him. He took the unsuspecting boy in an auto to his house at almasguda, close to the swimming pool. He then took him to the nearby Hanuman temple.

After obtaining boy's father Raju’s number from the boy he called him up from his mobile, informing that the boy is in his custody. He demanded three lakh rupees ransom failing which Arjun would be killed The boy changed his voice and spoke like a professional kidnapper.

The hapless father said that he could only muster Rs 25000 and offered to pay remaining in the shape of a cheque. The kidnapper agreed. And, he warned the father of dire consequences if he tried to complain to the police.

The boys father who is techie tried to locate the caller and found that caller is near Almasguda bus stop and informed police.

Police waited there in mufti and rescued the boy from the clutches of the kidnapper. By the time the father reached the place, his little son was in the safe custody of the police.

The police said the juvenile had resorted to the offence for money for his vices.