Woman kills mother, lives with boyfriend and dead body

Woman kills mother, lives with boyfriend and dead body

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Hyderabad police who were investigating a case of the unknown dead body of a middle-aged woman on a railway track finally found out that the murderer was no one but her daughter. The 20-year woman killed her mother with the help of one of boyfriends as she was objecting her relationships. The young lady spent three days with her boyfriend beside mom's dead body. She then dumped the dead body on railway tracks far away from home and moved to another boyfriend’s place.

The incident took place on 18 October in Munaganuru village of Hayatnagar block on the outskirts of the city.  The Hayathnagar police who are refusing to divulge further details of the incident have said that they are questioning the woman and her two boyfriends.

The 20-year old woman, Keerti is the daughter of Srinivasa Reddy and Rajitha. Reddy is a truck driver and away from home most of the time. Keerti had affairs with two youths. Her mother (39) objected to the affairs and admonished her on the fateful day.  The girl strangulated her mother with the help of one of her boyfriends.

The duo kept the body in the house and spent three days, after which the body started emanating foul smell. The girl and her friend shifted the body to railway tracks at Ramannapet in adjoining Yadadri district, in his car. They dumped the body hoping to conceal evidence.

Keerti then called her father and told him that she is going to Vizag to meet her friend but moved to another boy friend’s house in the vicinity of her own home. Her father returned home from long distance duty on Oct. 25. He found the house locked. When he called up his daughter, she pretended as if she was not aware of her mother’s whereabouts. After searching for mother along with her father, the suspect filed a complaint with the police.

However police grew suspicious of Keerti and armed with mobile data and evidences, they cracked the crime. The woman is said to have confessed that she had murdered her mother. The Ramannapet railway police, who had found the body Rajitha in a decomposed state on 22 October, cremated it after three days, as per the procedure.