Stakeholders' opinion neglected : RSS on Sabarimala

As the vexed Sabrimala issue is compounding further, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Thursday lamented that the opinions of stakeholders were not considered by the Supreme Court.

"The situation arising out of the recent verdict on Sabarimala temple shows the similar predicament," Dr Bhagwat said addressing the annual Vijayadashami rally in Nagpur.

He said the nature and premise of the tradition that has been accepted by society and continuously followed for years were not taken into consideration.

"The version of heads of religious denominations and faith of crores of devotees was not taken into account. The plea by a large section of women, who follows this tradition, was not heard to," he said.

According to Bhagwat, the legal verdict has given rise to unrest, turmoil and divisiveness in the society in place of peace, stability and equality. 

"The questions such as why only the Hindu society experiences such repeated and brazen onslaughts on its symbols of faith, obviously rise in the public mind and lead to unrest. This situation is not at all conducive for the peace and healthiness of the society," he said.

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Stakeholders' opinion neglected : RSS on Sabarimala


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