Mumbai airport operations continue

Mumbai airport operations continue

Despite incessant rain and poor visibility, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai continued with its operations under difficult conditions.

"Though delayed there were continuous operations at the airport. Few flights were diverted. With non-stop rain, we did observe waterlogging at the landside area," an official of the  Mumbai International Airport Ltd (MIAL) said.

"The situation was immediately addressed by MIAL’s on-duty staff and they were relentlessly on the ground to curb the situation so that the passengers could commute hassle-free. Within a few minutes, the issue was addressed and subsequently, the water level was brought down with de-watering pumps," the official said.

On the issue of water dripping from the ceiling, the official said that it was basically due to dislocation of rainwater pipeline joint due to heavy inflow of rainwater in one of the pipe causing leakage.

"It was addressed within no time and the required actions were taken to clear the water without disturbing the passengers," the official said.