May I help you?

May I help you?


Last evening, on my way back from the market, I noticed a small boy wearing a T-shirt which read, ‘God is busy...May I help you?’ The quote kept ringing in my mind till I got back home and thought, ‘What if that’s true?’ 

Today, people invest a fair share in God’s miracle. Be it in a child’s success during an exam or promotion at work, God’s are constantly invoked in the form of prayers. Temples are overcrowded during testing times. Gods are not spared from bribes too, as they are promised an aforesaid amount when the demands are fulfilled.

Gods are needed everywhere, every moment. Hospitals witness the whole gamut of emotions, from happiness to grief. Here, God’s presence can be seen and felt at every nook and corner from where prayers of well-wishers soar up endlessly. These prayers are often silent ones, done with mind and soul. 

Gods are known for testing their devotees time and again. Many stories remind us how devotees are tested and then blessed by the Almighty with their presence. In today’s world, people are so engrossed with their busy life, that even if God did make an appearance, it would go unnoticed.

A few weeks ago, during a workshop, we were asked to play an ancient game in which we had to stare at a random partner, imagining that person as a God, and write the qualities we saw in that person. The moment the word ’god’ was uttered, all the flaws that we saw vanished and everyone wrote exemplary qualities about the other person.

I am sure each one that day went home feeling omnipotent after hearing such wonderful qualities about them from a stranger. Why is it that we see the negatives in others? They too are in the same boat as us, sailing through the river of life. All of us pray for little mercies, in the form of happiness, to ease this arduous journey. What if god has chosen someone like you to help make others’ task a little easier? Think about that possibility!