The purpose of religion

The purpose of religion

There are two aspects to our world. One pertains to the visible world and the other to the invisible world. The visible world can be likened to the tip of an iceberg. Only the tip or a very tiny part of the iceberg is observable while a major part of it remains hidden from the eyes, submerged within water.

Similarly, it is the only religion that enables us to be able to cross the surface of the sea, deeper into the ocean beds and see a major part of this iceberg. Religion is a cultural system of designated behaviours and practices, morals, world views, texts, sanctified places, prophecies, ethics, organisations that relate humanity to supernatural, transcendental or spiritual elements.

Religion gives meaning and purpose to people’s life. The purpose of the practice of religion is to achieve the goals of the salvation of oneself and others and to render due worship and obedience to God. Different religions have different understandings of salvation. Another function is to provide an opportunity for recreation to its people through festivals when people meet each other, enjoy traditional meals, celebrate and socialise.

With the teachings of a religion, a person treats even his enemies with justice and fairness. He develops self-control and self-discipline. A corrective mechanism grows within him, rejuvenating his personality. How does religion produce these superior and refined qualities in us? The reason is that the ropes of religion are connected with God.

God is a source of inspiration to each one. Religion hones a man’s God consciousness. A religious person develops communion with God and becomes strong and powerful. If religion does not make a man as described above, one should know that the follower is just claiming to be religious and is not truly devout.

Today, in the name of religion, people are so caught up in rituals, conventions and obligations that they are deluded from its real purpose — turning greed to generosity, egoism to humanity, vengeance to forgiveness, agitation to peace, and hate to love.