Lighter moments of the coronavirus lockdown

Lighter moments of the coronavirus lockdown

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Indeed, the majority of us are rooting for this lockdown. However, few seem to be snivelling since their outdoor fun has come to standstill. They condescendingly are complying with rules, as if conferring favours on co-citizens, not realising these stringent norms are for one’s own safety. And that, it is the least one can do for one’s country, which is, with concern for combating the crisis, getting the Covid culprit under control, even at cost of its economy.   

Yes, paradoxically, at few places, a profusion of Covid-centric pep-talks itself is kind of producing profound stress among people. But then again, the stress is certainly due to comprehending the cautions in an incorrect way! Besides not realising that just by raking brains, one can’t revoke or resolve the situation. So, instead of being paranoid why not be practical by taking plenty of precautions to pre-empt the pandemic perils?   

Now, I, being a super-sanguine person, am looking at some lovely aspects in this lockdown phase. I have no hurry in zipping through chores. Tremendous time saved on not getting togged up and travelling distances to workplaces. Which means extra time to snooze more! Luxury, right?

And, no mega social events, like shaadis. So, no frittering time over what-to-wear. By sporting frayed home-wear, non-coloured or streaked hair, no-make-up face … so what if one looks ghastly, even ghostly (and guys look like gypsies in frizzy locks)? Yes, with saved time, why not embark on some eclectic reading, or learn lilting songs to croon?

Besides, now, one has time to tackle long-pending piles of jejune chores. Like, discarding junk items, laundering heaps of grubby clothes, sprucing up living space. Thinking of which, I hardly spot even small dust-specks in our home. Thanks to the lack of vehicles plying on the streets.

What’s more, with sinking pollution levels, one can feel a soothing breeze at sunset, which is so serene sans ear-splitting sundry sounds. Yes, being a chronic fitness-fiend, I do miss my daily jog. But then again, in lieu of that, I’m into other work-outs like an on-the-spot jog, bhaskis (ut-bait), cycling, et al, which I invariably skipped after a long jog. Yes, one can whittle off wads of waist-flab through these work-outs.

Interspersed with these are my teensy charities towards small storekeepers, various vendors who are truckling under financial crunches. Indeed, I’m finding myself in fine fettle, physically and mentally. After all, “As much of heaven is visible as we have eyes to see!”