Bald and beautiful

Bald and beautiful

Radha’s daughter, Swetha, is blessed with both beauty and brains. Slim and svelte, she has almond eyes set in an oval face. What immediately catches your attention, however, is her luxuriant hair that flows down to her waist.

After completing a post-graduate course in Computer Science, she landed a good job in a well-known firm. Her proud mother now looked forward to seeing her settled in marriage. This, however, proved more difficult than Radha had ever anticipated.

Swetha rejected proposal after proposal. Finally, she told her mother that marriage was not her responsibility; she was quite capable of finding her own partner. Radha could neither understand this nor stop worrying.

Then it happened. Swetha told her that she had found her soulmate. He was a Major in the army. The photograph showed a personable young man, resplendent in uniform, his service-cap perched nattily over his head. It was the internet that had brought them together.

Matters moved smoothly now. The young man came one day to meet Swetha’s parents. To their utter dismay, they found he was completely bald! All of Radha’s newfound joy evaporated. She insisted that the wedding be called off.

“How could you do this?” she cried. “He will look so old beside you!”

“I don’t care,” responded Swetha. “What is inside his head matters more to me than what is on top of it!”

“Marriage is no joke,” fumed Radha and the argument went on. But it was Swetha who had the last word.

“Well Amma, Appa is now bald. Will you divorce him?”

Baldness is among the greatest fears that men have. Observe how they grow the remaining strands long and carefully paste them around their pates. Some resort to beards to retain that hirsute look. Wigs too are popular. In short many believe that baldness is bad.

Is this notion a wrong one? Children think so. Overheard were two little boys arguing about whose dad was smarter.

“My father is taller than yours,” said one. “My father is cleverer,” replied the other. “How so?” “See, his head has even grown through his hair!” 

Baldness has its advantages. The Wharton School of Business conducted a study and found that bald men make better leaders. They are associated with hardy professions such as soldiers, police and fire-fighters. Bald men may look older at first, but they retain their youthful looks much longer. They have, after all, no hair that will turn grey. Remember Yul Brynner and Bruce Willis?

It is said that the hormone which leads to loss of hair can also boost metabolism. As a result, they accumulate much less fat which contributes to a stronger and more sculpted face.     

Beautiful women, like Persis Khambatta, have added to their charm by going bald. The contours of her shorn head were as perfect as the curves of her body. Bald can indeed be beautiful! So, men who belong to this club, rejoice — you have lost nothing but your hair!