This or that or he or she?

This or that or he or she?

Madhuri Dixit or Hema Malini? a friend wanted to know. I said it was Madhuri. ‘I thought you would go for Hema’, was his reaction. Well, we were not discussing films but water filters. As you might be aware both these Bollywood damsels of yesteryear promote water purifiers on the small screen. And when the time came for replacing my 20 year old apparatus I chose the one that Madhuri recommends. Not that I went by her advice but it was my purse that chose Madhuri. Hema was thus out.

The small screen gives similar options. Ranveer Singh recommends a skin cream for dark spots for men. But I am not sure if Deepika approves of it for her hubby. Again, she goes gaga over a particular brand of toothpaste. But does she recommend it for him? That will be a million dollar secret.

When my son’s car needs to be serviced I feel like suggesting to take it to Amitabh Bachchan. In a commercial we see Big B attending to a car as a mechanic. Are you building a house and need steel rods? Then consult Prakash Raj. He is the face of a particular brand that is very strong, like his views.  

Akshay Kumar not only promotes inner wear, which of course his star friend Salman does not need, but also advises you on how to keep your toilet clean. Akshay is best suited for the latter role because he himself is the hero in the film ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’. Call it coincidence, if you like or is it deliberate?  And be ready to welcome him because he says - ‘next visit is your home’.

When it comes to scented sticks I have two options – the one that Ramesh Arvind recommends and the other that intoxicates Vidya Balan. I like both, I mean the stars, but I am allergic to perfumes. So I don’t have to exercise any option here. By the way do you need any help in matrimonial matters? Contact M S Dhoni, yes the same cool guy who catches the balls behind the stumps. He can help you find a suitable boy or girl in the matrimonial realm.

Gone are the days of female beauties endorsing beauty soaps. We were used to gorgeous beauties going gaga over a particular brand of a creamy bar. Now SRK has taken over from them. The moot question here is will he ask his wife to use the same soap? The list is endless - like the promotional ads that keep coming over and over on the TV screen. 

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