Cong leader calls PM Modi 'Publicity Minister'

Cong leader calls PM Modi 'Publicity Minister'

All India Congress Committee (AICC) communication convener Priyanka Chaturvedi dubbed Prime Minister Narendra Modi 'publicity minister'.

Priyanka alleged that Modi made a lot of publicity out of the "Make in India" project, but gave the benefits of "tainted" Rafale deal to a company of his "suited and booted friend", instead of benefiting HAL, a local PSU. 

Speaking to the media in Hubballi on Thursday, Priyanka charged that Modi neglected national interest, allowed corruption and helped a private entity, in the Rafel deal.

"The NDA government is saying that the price of Rafale aircraft could not be revealed due to a confidentiality clause, which is a lie. The Rs 1,30,000 crore work is being handed over to Reliance Defence Limited, which has no experience and which was registered just 12 days ahead of the deal, instead of the HAL, which has 70 years of experience in manufacturing defence material," she said.

"All procedures were bypassed, Rs 41,250 crore loss was caused, national security was sacrificed, and ministers are telling lies. Modi is 'Badhshah' of crony capitalism, and he preferred self-interest over national interest. We will launch an agitation, demanding a probe by a joint parliamentary committee and will also think about approaching the judiciary," Priyanka said.

Modi has spent Rs 5,000 crore for publicity and is misusing different departments also. He has made 'Bhrishtacharyukta Bharat', and corruption is the only successful programme of his government. The 2019 Lok Sabha elections would be a fight between truth and lies, love and hatred, and inclusiveness and discrimination, she added.

Priyanka demanded answers from the Centre over why the number of aircraft was reduced, price increased and why a private company was favoured.