Range Rover Velar, a pack of luxury

Range Rover Velar, a pack of luxury

Range Rover Velar

Land Rover is one such car model that fascinates any car enthusiast in the world. Be it in look, or in adapting advanced technology, the prestigious car maker is outstanding in every new model they launch. Having different set of models like Range Rover, Discovery, Evoke, Freelander and others, the carmaker is famous in making cars to be capable of passing through any obstacle.

To prove such capabilities of the car, the company recently launched the Velar version, which is loaded with new luxurious features and also carry over the Land Rover legacy for next generation. This fills the gap and sits neatly in-between the Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Evoke.

Sitting at a nice height, the driver will correspondently get the good view of the road ahead. On a whole it’s a well finished cabin even for the passengers sitting on the rear seat.

As usual muscular build

The Land Rover has retained the muscular build from the outside, where any model will be centre of attraction even on high vehicle density. The dashing front grill, with the company’s logo in between is the key attraction of the car. Tight skinning, minimalistic design, clean lining is simple but dashing too. The other distinctive features are the matrix LED headlamp and quad tail lamp, which are wrapped themselves along the curves. Another eye catching feature is the door handle, which slides inside the body once the car is locked. The censor detection over the door handle allows the handle to pop out of the door.

Feel good interiors

Interior is the place, where someone feels the luxury that Land Rover offers in their cars. The luxurious aspects have been tuned, updated in every new car that is launched by the Land Rover. In Velar you have a smart touch dual console for various functions, drive mode adjustment nob is another special attraction, which blows up when once the ignition is on.

Multiple drive modes

The driver gets the multiple option in the drives mode, where he has to just select as per his needs and cruise. The company has covered all the possible road conditions in the modes, where the drive experience will differ in each of the modes set. In the eco-mode the acceleration is absolutely linear, where getting into three digit speed will happen in seconds. The pickup is such that its not possible for any one to believe that its a 2.0-Litre engine


The machine is fully loaded with 4 wheel drive and Land Rover’s terrain response system that sets the car for different scenarios and purely for hardcore off-roaders. The car is a pure eye-catcher on city roads with the best of the luxury features.

*Comfort: Here the steering wheel will feel lighter, where it reduces the Herculean task of navigating on the city roads.

*Dynamic: This is the mode, where the Velar functions just like another four wheel drive cars. The car will just cruise on the normal hard surfaces meant for highway drives.

*Grass gravel and snow mode: The basic mode for an off-road driver. This will be used on the surfaces, which are slippery. The car gets an extraordinary grip on the wet grass, loose soil and the snow surfaces. The extraordinary suspensions will never allow the passengers to feel the shocks in rough road conditions.

*Mud ruts: This mode helps the driver to easily cross through the mud slush and wet mud with extraordinary road grip. This mode will also make the car to literally sail in the slush even with sharp rocks and any other hurdles. With the required acceleration and traction shifting to the wheel on the ground the car can come out of any ditch.

Sand: This is meant to cruise the Land Rover in the areas like deserts. By giving different options to clear any possible hurdle on the off-roading track, Velar makes us to be ready for any challenge.

Wheel base: Land Rover is known for designing the car to clear any obstacles, without any damage to the body. Velar, with the wheel base of 2874 mm, the car can take on any sudden steep or a deep ditch without damaging the body.

Off-Road: Unfortunately many buyers will not do what the car meant to do! A Land Rover is supposed to go land roving, that is it’s meant for off-roading. Technically sounding, with the mesmerising noise of the engine from the outside give the feel of getting into an aircraft. With efficient working of terrain response system, the driver will be enthusiast to face any kind of tricky situation.

There are few features, which makes the car to be driven by itself, but the manual control of the steering. For example ‘Hill descent’ technology. This is one such feature that we see in almost all the four wheel driven cars in India today, but what is special with the Land Rover is, the control of the slide down speed. It does the very good job on it’s own. This was one of the breath taking obstacles that needs to be experienced when you are getting down from the hill, where you effortlessly scroll down from any height. Automatically controlled brakes and acceleration will make us to trust the machine more in safety perspective.

This is the major safety precaution that one needs to have, when he is driving the off-road. The steering is direct and also sporty at some time, which makes it quite nice to handle on any bumping surfaces. It has got very nice balance and poised.

Hill ascent control:
This is also another safety feature by Land Rover makers. Mainly used to bring the car to halt while we are going up the hill. The hill ascent technology will hold the car for three seconds, which helps the driver to judge his next path when he is off the track. Whereas it’s a boon for amateur drivers, as they find it hard to get the sudden pick up in the steep signals or traffic jams.

River crossing
This particular feature is tailor made for Indian roads, as many of our roads will be flooded during the monsoon season. It has the wading depth and good approach, departure and ramp break over angle. All of this features will make the car to come out of the river as a proper amphibian. This can even tackle those underpasses and subways that will be deadly flooded in the rain. Without any halt or break down in the middle the car will pass through the flood in an anticipated road alignment.

Vehicle for four people

Though the vehicle looks bulky, its purely a completely luxurious vehicle for the four people including the driver. The spacious rear seat offers too much luxury and comfort for two people, the room space is also more, for even tall people to comfortably sit. However, the middle seat with an adult will be conjusted and small kid can sit comfortably.


As the brand itself says, the Land Rover cars are meant to be roving on any land surface on the earth. Besides roving, its a pack of luxury, which keeps you at centre of attraction on any crowded Indian roads.

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