Indonesian sky turns apocalyptic blood red

Indonesian sky turns apocalyptic blood red

Jambi turned blood red over the weekend (Image courtesy: Twitter/MdSharifKhan)

In a horrifying apocalyptic scenario, skies over the Indonesian province, Jambi, turned blood red over the weekend because of the widespread forest fires that has been plaguing a large region of virgin rainforest in this Indonesian island.

According to the meteorological department, this abnormal effect in the sky could be the result of something known as Rayleigh scattering. It is basically elastic scattering of light or other electromagnetic radiation by particles much smaller than the wavelength of the radiation.

Almost every year, Indonesian fires create a smoky haze which often end up shrouding the entire South-East Asian Region.

Haze caused by land clearing fires this year is among the worst the country has seen, with a state of emergency declared across at least six Indonesian provinces.

For the agricultural use of the land, Indonesia quite often ends up liting the land as a cheap method to clear the land. 

Creepy videos kept pouring in on social media.