Plane-sized asteroid approaching Earth, warns NASA: Report

The distance at which 2024 LB4 is going to pass the planet is considered safe as it is almost 8 times the distance between the Earth and Moon.
Last Updated : 15 June 2024, 06:14 IST

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As part of ongoing efforts to monitor Near-Earth Objects (NEOs), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), has found an asteroid identified as 2024 LB4 approaching the Earth.

About 98 feet in diametric measurements, the asteroid whose size is approximately of a commercial airliner, is on a route which will bring it within the radius of 18,00,000 miles of the Earth, according to a report by The Times of India.

The day when the asteroid swooshes past Earth at the speed of 7.50 km per second, has been predicted as June 16, 2024.

Though the size of the asteroid seems to be quite enough, the distance at which 2024 LB4 is going to pass the Earth is considered safe as it is almost eight times of the distance between the Earth and Moon.

Through its Centre for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) keeps an eye on such celestial objects.

Using telescopes and radar systems, the CNEOS has been calculating the size, orbits and hazards of such asteroids.

As a reminder to our ever-changing solar system, CNEOS found that 2024 LB4 is one among the many celestial bodies which move past the Earth routinely.

Involving observation to refine the orbit and to predict its future journeys is a part of the process of tracking asteroids.

Regarding 2024 LB4, data from the NASA observations have assured that its route will cause no harm or any collision to the Earth.

Identifying potential risks or threats by NEOs. is a task managed by the NASA's Planetary Defence Cooridnation Office (PDCO).

The PDCO develops and coordinates ways to protect Earth from such threats by also collaborating along with other United States or international space agencies.

Making its closest approach to Earth in June 2024, asteroid 2024 LB4 is a part of a large group of asteroids which will have their route in such a way that they will come within 8,23,000 miles of the Earth on June 14.

Another asteroid identified as 2024 LH3 measuring about 150 feet, will also be approaching Earth but in safe distance of 30,90,000 miles on June 16.

NASA and its partners continue to keep a close eye on these asteroids, although they are not a threat to the planet. It believes that keeping an eye on these celestial objects is important as it broadens one's knowledge about cosmos.

Published 15 June 2024, 06:14 IST

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