Severe water shortage in Aldoor

Severe water shortage in Aldoor

Aldoor residents collect water from a public tap.

Aldoor is facing severe water crisis and the residents of the area are facing a daily struggle.

The major source of water in Aldoor has already dried up. The local authorities are also finding it difficult to supply water.

Residents say, "We receive water once in two days. The water supply should be regular." 

Aldoor is a fast developing town in Chikkamagaluru. The residents have been demanding a permanent drinking water project. Aldoor town has more than 980 households. The water needs have been increasing with the increase in the number of households and business establishments. 

Local resident Imthiyaz said, "The authorities had not given priority to permanent drinking water projects. Aldoor has only one source of water to supply. When the source dries up, the residents struggle to fetch a pot of water. The water supply is not regular."

Homemaker Susheela Jayaram said, "Water is supplied sometimes very early in the morning. There are also instances of water being supplied at midnight. We are forced to worry over water when we attend some family functions. In case of necessity, we purchase water from private tankers."