BIFFES 2019: 10 Kinds of people you meet at film fests

Last Updated 24 February 2019, 12:19 IST

Team Deccan Herald is at BIFFES 2019 and we have been chronicling our stories – reviews, interviews, retrospective pieces, video interactions, and long-form thought pieces – all week. Here, we list the ten kinds of people we have met mostly at this year’s edition of the festival, but some of them, we have noticed, are commonly found at all film festivals.

Devoted cinephile – You will encounter familiar faces at most, if not all, film festivals. These avid movie-goers will travel the world for cinema.

Student of cinema – Someone who worships the medium of cinema and approaches the film festival as a divine not-to-be-missed experience and takes away nuggets of information about the construct and craft of cinema back home with them.

Crowd disruptor – General public who don’t particularly care either about movies or film festivals but will ensure that they will cause a scene and stand in the way of a movie buff who is there for just love of cinema. Especially during the weekends.

Literature scholar – Someone who brings their love of literature to a film festival and discusses the book upon which some movie playing at the festival is based with an unsuspecting passer-by or someone standing in front of them in the queue.

Wide-eyed superfan – The type who is shy and will avoid catching your eye, but whose eyes will light up and go wide when they spot a known face from the film industry.

Phone number scorer – These are notorious for asking for your number to share some titbit or the other about some aspect or the other of the film festival that you can get from someone or the other. But the refrain always is “What’s your number?” to members of the fairer sex.

Avid networker – Number scorers of a different kind. They will seek you out after the festival to discuss the festival, the movies, life after the festival. Some go on to become good friends.

Popcorn muncher – For if you spend the entire day/week chasing movies and living between screens, you can only subsist on what is available at the concession stand. Nothing better than serving after serving of stale popcorn with zero crunch when watching a movie that has made its way to you from across the seas, thanks to film festival organisers.

Beatific peacenik – The kind who will have a soft smile on their face as they stand patiently in line to enter the movie hall. They will greet you, make way for those who want to get through the queue to the other side, and smile even at those who brush past rudely.

Patriot – The kind who will pump his fist in the air and chant ‘Jai Hind’ right after the national anthem.

(Published 24 February 2019, 12:19 IST)

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