The Lead: Journey from currency notes to musical notes

Last Updated : 25 November 2020, 01:31 IST

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In this episode of The Lead from DH Radio, Co-Founders and CEOs of Furtados School of Music -- Tanuja Gomes and Dharini Upadhayaya -- talk about the musical venture.

Ahmed Shariff: Hi this is Ahmed Shariff and welcome to the Lead by DH Radio. Joining us today is Dharini Upadhayaya and Tanuja Gomes from Furtados School of Music. Welcome to the show.
Dharini Upadhayaya: Hi
Tanuja Gomes: Hi.
Ahmed: My first question yo you is: What motivated you to start this venture. The thing is that both of you have been in the banking sector, how did the currency notes turn to Musical notes?
Dharini: This question is asked to us but I like the addition of the currency notes turning into musical notes, it's the first time we are hearing this. Maybe from the journey from the heart to the soul, for me, arts has been the passion of my life, not that I pursued it professionally, but there was some kind of love that was always there...

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Published 25 November 2020, 01:29 IST

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