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The Lead: Read(s) of the week — The Endgame of Identity on The Lost Horizon

In this episode of The Lead from DH Radio, we discuss our reads of the week that are Identity by Milan Kundera; The Endgame by Kunal Basu and The Lost Horizon by James Hilton and briefly dwell on Janet Evankovich's Stephanie Plum; Upcountry by Nelson Demille and Gregory David Robert's Shantaram.

Ahmed Shariff: Hi and welcome to the Read of the Week, where we open troves of artefact which is defined by the words and worlds they lock-in. Who knows this trove can be your read of the week. I'm Ahmed Shariff and joining me today is L Subramani, my colleague.
Hi, sir. Welcome to Read of the Week.

L Subramani: Hi, Ahmed. Thank you for having me.

Ahmed: Shall we open the trove?

Subramani: Yes!

Ahmed: What's in your trove today, sir?

Subramani: I thought I would speak about two of the books which I happen to pick up in recent times. One is Identity by Milan Kundera. As you perhaps know that the Nobel season is the time when a lot of Kundera fans look at news ticker with a lot of interest. They want to know if Kundera has been given the Nobel prize, at least this year...

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