The Lead: Read(s) of the week — The story of the BJP-duo in Jugalbandi by Vinay Sitapati

Last Updated 03 December 2020, 01:55 IST

In this episode of The Lead from DH Radio, we discuss our reads of the week that are Jugalbandi: The BJP Before Modi by Vinay Sitapati and move on to talk about books on Narasimha Rao and Rajiv Gandhi. The difficulty of reading on a phone and the classics conundrum continues.

Ahmed Shariff: Hi and welcome to the Read of the Week, where we open troves of artefact which is defined by the words and worlds they lock-in. Who knows this trove can be your read of the week. I'm Ahmed Shariff and joining me today is L Subramani, my colleague.

Hi, sir. Welcome to Read of the Week.

L Subramani: Hi, Ahmed. Thank you for having me.

Ahmed: Shall we open the trove?

Subramani: Yes!

Ahmed: Hi sir and welcome to another episode of the Read of the week.

Subramai: Hi, Ahmed. And it's, as usual, it's nice to talk about the stuff that we are reading. Reading is anyway a private activity and it's sort of a luxury to sit and discuss.

Ahmed: What was your week like sir, what was the previous week like?

Subramani: When you with a particular genre of book, you tend to go sort of full-throttle into it. I first completed 'Jugalbandi'.

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(Published 03 December 2020, 01:55 IST)

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