Today's Horoscope – June 19, 2024: Check horoscope for all sun signs
Published 18 June 2024, 18:52 IST
Make sure you always get the full story on everything you do, every contract you get into and every new person you meet so as to be clear on what's happening. Deception about some parts of your life could be an issue. Colour: Amber Number: 2
A new avenue is opening up at work which will provide the base for much pleasure in the future. Trips and new places you may visit now will open new doors for you. No longer is your life predictable. Look out for exciting new things in romance and love. Colour: Indigo Number: 5
You appear not to have enough hours in the day to do all that you want to do. Delegating work seems like a good idea. Ideas of moves need talking through with a close one. Colour: Beige Number: 3
Your energy level is at an all-time high, so take advantage of every opportunity to be active.Don't push yourself or be too hard on yourself, as you tend to at times. Sometimes you raise the bar too high for yourself. You need to chill a lot more with a loved one. Colour: Jade Number: 8
Try not to let small distractions get in the way of the important task ahead of you at work, when someone tries to side-track you from being objective and attentive. It could be a colleague who may not have your best interest at heart. It's in your best interests to stay as focused as possible. Colour: Claret-red Number: 6
Trust your gut-feeling and avoid being overly rational. You may be involved in a deceptive situation and all may not be as it seems. You might be on a difficult or worrisome course, but trust your feelings and success is eventually yours. Colour: Ivory Number: 1
The accent is on communication – your family, friends. A day for socializing and increased interaction with people. You imply that you don't care for a certain person, but your actions are telling a whole different story! Colour: Russet-brown Number: 9
Focus your efforts on your work. Insurance pay outs, tax rebates, or just plain luck makes it a great day. To buy or change residence is strong in your mind today. Don’t be put off by any minor obstacles. Colour: White Number: 7
You may spend a lot of time with children and they give you a lot of joy. A travel plan begins to take shape. Leisure activities are heightened. Colour: Topaz Number: 4
There are new directions for you and you will be recognised for your abilities and talents . Share your winnings and praise with others and be grateful. Your relationships start to improve, so you should no longer feel anxious about being confronted by certain people. Colour: Blue Number: 3
You need to calm down your curiosity and the need for stimulation. Be aware of relationship issues, as one may turn out to be not doing so well and you have to reassess there. Be honest with yourself and others and you'll be doing fine. Colour: White Number: 6
You have some great support from the cosmos. You may be able to move ahead professionally. Be mindful with others and deal with them honestly and justly. Be wary of every contract, every negotiation and every new person you meet today. Colour: Orange Number: 8
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