Today's Horoscope – June 22, 2024: Check horoscope for all sun signs
Published 21 June 2024, 18:32 IST
Be ready to explain your actions to your partner who seems to be in confrontational mode. You have been trying to please everyone, which has left you with little energy to please yourself. Planning a weekend getaway soon could put a new spin on familiar relationship. Colour: Blue     Number: 9
Your desire for excitement and adventure may lead to dangerous situations today. You are by nature slow to react to events, but you may go ovreboard on this one. New interests keep you preoccupied. Things have a way of falling into place when the time is right. Colour: Lilac Number: 3
Things may seem out of control. Caution with money. Patience in career matters advised. You may have a heavy workload today, but you'll be pleased with your success. Someone at work is holding back important news from you and you are uncomfortable. Colour: Gold Number: 7
By allowing things to flow outside your expectations you may add in a new dimension that hadn't occurred to you till now. Watch out for new romances because some of them may not be what you expect. Colour: purple Number: 2
There are new directions for you and you will be recognized for your abilities and talents. Share your winnings and praise with others and be grateful. Your relationships start to improve, so you should no longer feel anxious about being confronted by certain people. Colour: Orange Number: 8
If you are very practical in your approach, things ought to go well for you. There could be ups and downs. It may not be a great time for romance for you - be aware of relationship issues and take time to reassess your priorities. Colour: Indigo Number: 5
You feel that your close ones have not been supportive and feel let-down at some core-level. Sometimes it’s your own expectations that could also be the culprit. People can give you only so much, and the sooner you accept it you can make peace and your relationship can soar, and get healthier too. Colour: Topaz Number: 4
A makeover in your appearance could do wonders for your confidence. And win you admirers too. If you are planning on taking up a special course of study, you can do so. Financially you need to set your priorities straight, and avoid over indulgence. Colour: Coral Number: 6
Suddenly you find yourself in the role of a peacemaker between two of your close friends. Don’t take sides, or give advice – they need to sort it out between themselves, just steer them along in the right direction. Your home life is particularly busy, with a big event coming up. Colour: Moonstone Number: 1
Stand up for yourself before you end up falling over due to stress. Remember your strengths and draw on them. Careful what you say about other people's lives, you could end up giving away information you shouldn't. Colour: Ash Number: 3
New knowledge, skills, a new job or even a new home may be in store for you. Do not be afraid to take risks, as they will pay off. Socially you may attract a new circle of associates and friends, a few of them unusual. Colour: Olive Number: 7
In matters of property and legal issues, analyse and evaluate things thoroughly before rushing on impulse. You may find new avenues opening up which will prove highly beneficial for you. Your high energy levels will keep you occupied with meetings, projects, chores and social outings. Colour: Magenta Number: 5
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