Welcome to the world of the DIY personal computers

Welcome to the world of the DIY personal computers

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The personal computer market is buzzing and bursting at the seams and the beneficiary is the customer. 

Be it microprocessor manufacturers, graphics card manufacturers, cabinet manufacturers, accessories manufacturers or anything else that today’s computer user wants, it is all there and companies and OEMs are bending backwards to supply it all to the customer. In the end, be it the hardcore gamer who wants to build his or her own PC or the corporate executive who wants a readymade computer, people are spoilt for choice.  

Further adding to the ease of procurement of readymade PCs or individual parts like processors, motherboards, cabinets etc. is the massive range and price points at which these are available on e-commerce portals. With warranty to back up the purchase, there is also complete peace of mind.  

A few years ago, this was not the case. Before the e-commerce portals came in, building a PC for the ardent do-it-yourself person meant a visit to the local hardware market. In Bengaluru, the largest local electronics market was the SP Road (near the Town Hall). However, one had to be careful in buying as well because of ‘alleged’ fakes or used products that were being pushed out to unsuspecting buyers.  

As the use of the internet was practically zero in those days, it meant asking around and finding out from friends and acquaintances who have already built PCs as to which store they sourced the parts from.  

Another big problem was the warranty. One had to be careful from where the parts are bought. If not bought from an authorised dealer and any part went kaput, it was money lost.  

Quite often, it was just the word of the shopkeeper that had to be taken. We tell him what we intend to spend and he gives us the stuff. With hardly any access to the internet, there was no way we could look up specifications, make comparisons, read up forums, blogs and reviews before arriving at a decision.  

With free access to the internet now, each and every individual who intends to build a PC on his own is able to make an informed decision as to what he or she wants. Any doubts can be easily clarified with friends or fellow DIYers.  

The whole process of building itself is fun. And unlike building an audio amplifier or any other circuit, all connectors are of different sizes and marked. There is hardly any chance of fixing a connector in the wrong socket. It is just a question of going through the manual thoroughly and one will get it right the very first time.  

It is not just that reliable and a variety of parts are available these days. Even when it comes to something like a mouse, the variety is incredible. The technology that goes into them and the experience of, say, gaming is made even more special thanks to all the LED lighting and ergonomic grip that makes it convenient to hold.  

So, with the internet having reached all is a wonderful thing. And with it, the whole experience of building a PC has opened up a new world for DIY builders.