Maharashtra retain crown

Maharashtra retain crown

Karnataka's Nina wins gold on final day; Rutuja shines in diving

Maharashtra retain crown
Reigning champions Maharashtra maintained their supremacy, defending the overall title at the 34th Glenmark Sub-junior National Aquatic Championships here at the Shree Chhatrapati Shivaji Sports Complex on Friday.

The hosts finished with 17 gold, six silver and seven bronze medals (247 points) while Karnataka finished second with five gold, eight silver and two bronze medals (230 points).

Goa’s Shoan Ganguly was named the best swimmer in Group III boys section for his haul of four gold medals. In Group IV, Maharashtra’s Utkarsh Gor bagged the best swimmer’s title for his performance of five gold medals and two national marks.

Among girls, 12-year-old Vedika Amin from Maharashtra was declared the best swimmer in Group III. The Otters club swimmer won four gold medals, setting national records en route to her titles.

Assam’s Jahnabi Kashyap was the best in the Group IV category. She ended the meet with a haul of four gold and two silver medals. She also set three national records along the way.

On the final day, Nina Venkatesh struck gold for Karnataka in the 100M backstroke for Group III girls, timing 1:10.87. State also had good success in diving, winning a total of six medals at the three-day meet.

Belagavi’s Rutuja Pawar was the toast of the State side winning a gold medal in the Group I, three-metre spring board and a silver in the one-metre spring board here.

Hemam London Singh, who trains at the MEG and Centre facility in Bengaluru, won silver medals in the Group I, one-metre and three-metre spring board events.

In Group II, Manohara Sharma won a bronze in the one-metre spring board while in Group III, Mohammed Zeeshan claimed the bronze in the three-metre spring board.

Like on the first two days, the final day of the meet too saw a handful of national marks being set.

Bengal’s Sahil Laskar was the first to get his name in the record books, winning the Group III, 100M backstroke in 1:05.93. He obliterated the previous best set by another Bengal swimmer Tanmay Das at 1:09.00 in 2015.

Though Sanjiti Shah missed out on the best swimmer’s title in Group III, the Maharashtra swimmer wrapped up an eventful meet with a record-breaking performance in the 50M butterfly final. She clocked 30.17 seconds for the gold, erasing the previous mark of 31.25 seconds set by Assam’s Uttara Gogoi last year.

Utkarsh won the Group IV, 200M individual medley in 2:42.91, a new record. He erased the previous best of 2:43.13 set by Shoan in 2015. Shoan, meanwhile, set a new record in the Group III, 50M butterfly, touching the pad in 28.61 seconds for the gold. He bettered the previous mark of 28.71 seconds set by Assam’s Bastab Bordoli in 2014.

Results: Boys: Group III: 100M freestyle: Anubhab Parashar (Asm) 1:01.14, 1; Dishant Buragohain (Asm) 1:02.39, 2; Utkarsh Patil (Kar) 1:03.12, 3.

100M backstroke: Sahil Laskar (Ben) 1:05.93 (NMR; Old: 1:09.00, Tanmay Das, Ben, 2015) 1; Devansh Parmar (Guj) 1:10.63, 2; Akshaya Shet (Kar) 1:12.11, 3.

50M butterfly: Shoan Ganguly (Goa) 28.61 (NMR; Old: 28.71, Bastab Bordoli, Asm, 2014) 1; Anubhab Parashar (Asm) 29.78, 2; Dishant Buragohain (Asm) 29.92, 3.              
Group IV: 200M individual medley: Utkarsh Gor (Mah) 2:42.91 (NMR; Old: 2:43.13, Shoan Ganguly, Kar, 2015) 1; Ranbir Singh (Del) 2:46.51, 2; Athouba Meitei (Mnp) 2:51.19, 3.

50M breaststroke: Khyatimaan Kashyap (Asm) 39.03, 1; Basit Ahmed (Asm) 40.47, 2; Ranbir Singh (Del) 40.65, 3.

4x50M medley relay: Delhi 2:24.30, 1; Assam 2:25.08, 2; Maharashtra 2:25.67, 3.

Girls: Group III: 100M freestyle: Vedika Amin (Mah) 1:02.77 (NMR; Old: 1:03.70, Malavika V, Kar, 2010) 1; Shakthi Babakrishnan (TN) 1:06.27, 2; Bhavya Sachdeva (Del) 1:06.87, 3.

100M backstroke: Nina Venkatesh (Kar) 1:10.87, 1; Palak Dhami (Mah) 1:11.11; Arya Thakkar (Guj) 1:14.49, 3.

50M butterfly: Sanjiti Shah (Mah) 30.17 (NMR; Old: 31.25, Uttara Gogoi, Asm, 2016) 1; Palak Dhami (Mah) 30.64, 2; Nina Venkatesh (Kar) 31.61, 3.

Group IV: 200M individual medley: Jahnabi Kashyap (Asm) 2:46.95 (NMR; Old: 2:51.56, Damini Gowda, Kar, 2009), 1; Ridhima Kumar (Kar) 2:52.73, 2; Ambar Singh (Kar) 2:53.19, 3.

50M breaststroke: Jahnabi Kashyap (Asm) 43.11, 1; Pritha Debnath (Ben) 43.36, 2; Sanjana Pala (Mah) 43.45, 3.

4x50M medley relay: Assam 1:55.17, 1; Bengal 1:55.58, 2; Karnataka 1:59.31.

Diving: Boys: Group I: 3M spring board: Surajit Rajbanshi (Services) 442.00, 1; Hemam London Singh (Kar) 370.80, 2; Daksh Bajpai (UP) 327.10, 3.

Group II: 1M spring board: Wilson Singh (Services) 276.55, 1; Satishkumar Prajapati (Services) 275.50, 2; Satvik Gerri (Mah) 267.20, 3.

Group III: High board: Premson Meitei (Services) 251.20, 1; Shrikant Kondhare (Mah) 192.45, 2; Yukar Tache (AP) 192.40, 3.

Girls: Group I: 3M spring board: Rutuja Pawar (Kar) 241.30, 1; Ashna Chevli (Guj) 231.20, 2; Bhavika Pingle (MP) 230.55, 3.

Group II: 1M spring board: Marathe Titiksha (MP) 218.30, 1; Bilwa Giram (Mah) 195.20, 2; Manohara Sharma (Kar) 187.90, 3.

Group III: High board: Shipra Bose (Ben) 138.80, 1; Megan Almeida (Goa) 136.70, 2; Hrudaaye Wagh (Mah) 130.20, 3.

Individual awards: Best swimmer: Boys: Group III: Shoan Ganguly (Goa); Group IV: Utkarsh Gor (Mah).

Girls: Group III: Vedika Amin (Mah); Group IV: Jahnabi Kashyap (Asm).

Team Championships: Swimming: Boys: Group III: Assam; Group IV: Maharashtra.

Girls: Group III: Maharashtra; Group IV: Karnataka.

Diving: Boys: Group I: Services; Group II: Services; Group III: Services.

Girls: Group I: Gujarat; Group II: Maharashtra; Group III: Maharashtra.

Overall title: Maharashtra 247, 1; Karnataka 230, 2.
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