'The god of cricket proved it again'

'The god of cricket proved it again'

DH Sportsperson of the year

'The god of cricket proved it again'

Deccan Herald’s readers, responding enthusiastically to the call to select the Indian Sportsperson of the Year, cited several reasons for zooming in on Tendulkar, including his consistency and longevity.

But the clinching factor was his twin achievements in 2010 -- of becoming the first double centurion in one-day international cricket and reaching the magical figure of 50 Test centuries.

“The god of cricket has proved it once again that age is no bar for achievements,” said Aditya Warnulkar, an engineering student. “No one can achieve so much in a lifetime,” said Manas Nagesh.

Ashwini’s successes at the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games also had a strong impact on the readers, with many of them plumping for the local girl.

“Athletes do not get as much support as cricketers or tennis players. She has overcome those difficulties to come out victorious,” wrote Keshav Murthy.

Saina’s supporters cited the tough competition she was up against in her three Super Series victories in the season. Also, her Commonwealth Games gold medal that clinched the second spot for India on the medals table, should be a factor, they wrote.

Of course, there were votes for other sportspersons too, and for reasons other than sporting. “I vote for Somdev, he is so handsome,” said Chaitra Sudha, another reader.

What they said:

»His endurance and consistency have been exemplary. Besides his humility, sincerity to his sport makes him stand above the rest. His performance this year has been a key factor in India maintaining the number one position in Tests.
Mahesh C P

»I think Sachin has shown his consistency through the years, also I think Sachin has shown his consistency through the years, also his longevity makes him the best.
Sritam Shivanaikar

»The god of cricket has proved it once again that age is no bar for achievements.
His double century will be a once in a lifetime experience. It’s a marvellous achievement which I think will be hard to beat. Over the years Sachin has always been patient, calm, simple, dedicated, focused, patriotic and above all inspirational.

These are the qualities which define an ideal sportsperson. Maintaining these qualities over so many years of his astonishing career is itself an achievement.
Aditya Warnulkar

»AC Ashwini surely deserves the award for her remarkable and inspiring performances in the Asian Games. She is an inspiration to aspiring athletes and to women in general in India since she has shown that one can excel with hard work and determination despite a humble background and absence of world-class training facilities.
Parikshith Acharya

»Saina Nehwal has been doing exceedingly well of late. Saina won her second career Super Series title at the Singapore Open in June and won the Indonesian title again. She also won the Hong Kong Super Series in December.
Deepa K Nagesh