Astrology is science, says Governor

Addressing a congregation of vedic astrologers and numerologists, the Governor saw the need for a consolidation of the community in the field of politics.

Speaking of the Brahmins losing ground in “Bharathvarsha” he said: “In a parliamentary democracy, it is all about the votes. Brahmins need to get together and work with the other sections of the society.”

The Governor, a Brahmin reminded the community that it had lost its clout due to its unreasonable rituals.

“Every time the Brahmins have lost their way, religious sects have bifurcated from the community. The rise of Buddhism and Jainism have been on account of the unreasonable Brahminical traditions, for instance animal sacrifice.” In response to the congregation’s appeal to him for establishing a Astrology university in State , he said.

As the event was marked by astrologers from across country coming to participate at the one-day event held in the City, Bhardwaj said he believed that Earlier, astrologer Pandit Radhakrishna appealed to the gathering to root out “false readings” from their books and not mislead their customers. “Kaal Sarpa Yoga, Pithra Dosha and other such false readings are being ‘created’ by astrologers for creating fear among the common man for making money,” he opined.

The congregation has appealed to the State for creating a separate university for budding astrologers and numerologists in the City.   

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