Charmed by the change: Readers react to all-new DH

Today we’ve a new look Deccan Herald...loved it. The tagline - The Power of Good in the aqua blue background is pleasing...the central headlines are better placed now accentuated by nice colour bars. 

The fonts are easy on the eyes. DH Business sheets give a nice look in different coloured sheets...and coverage too is good.  Quality of paper makes a positive difference... Metro Life supplement looks bold in the red background. Kudos to DH on giving the readers what appeals the most 

A suggestion: Let the front page not be a vertical half-split page which makes it difficult to hold the paper


It was a pleasant surprise to see ‘Deccan Herald’ colourful and in an eye-soothing avatar and it is really great to find it revamped in such a way that it caught everyone by surprise and there are no words to express gratitude for the changes brought in.


The new layout is most welcome. But please keep the editorial & oped articles in the centre pages only.


The changes made are contemporary, catchy and most of all reader-friendly. The tagline “The power of good” speaks for the values the paper upholds and I’m certain that the newspaper will raise from strength to strength as it has done all these years bringing its readers a good mix of current news, world views, uplifting columns, amusing cartoons and sundry other engaging and relevant reading material.

I join all other Deccan Herald readers in sending this little note of appreciation to you sir and for the efforts of all involved in giving the paper a fascinating new look!


Hearty compliments to my favourite DH for the new get-up which is more appealing and I am sure that discerning readers of the papers will raise a toast to the good old DH, a true blue-blooded Bengaluru’s own news paper.

In particular, I would like to commend you on adding pink colour to the financial and business section of the paper which adds to its stature. There are more analyses by Bloomberg news service besides pieces from the International New York Times (INYT). How I wish if you could add features by eminent economists like Paul Krugman who writes regularly for INYT.

It is good to see the not only new out look but in it’s improvisation in entirety. Yes, it’s DECCAN HERALD.  One thing if it included apart from all these changes it would have even more completed in fulfilling its readership satisfaction that is an app of its own DECCAN HERALD. It was there a couple of years ago but suddenly it went out of working condition. Anyway good to see the news edition and other reports in a new bringout. It’s timely.

Congratulations on the launch of your new design! You’ve put a lot of time and thought into this little online ambassador to your business and delighted to be able to introduce it to the world. But for it to become truly successful, the work has only just begun. Just as a garden is only just beginning once you have planted the seeds, so too will you need to continually monitor and nurture your new design in order to see any significant growth in your business from it. 

Hearty congratulations to you and your team for mind blowing design. Really attractive in subject wise like markets, finance and economy, supplements on metro life etc.. 


I am overjoyed to see your Deccan Herald dated 05 08 2019. I am aged 69, a vivid reader of great Deccan Herald since 50 years.  If I remember the days of start reading, it has undergone many changes.  Quality of printing, font size, coverage of all the areas, national and international scene, sports, business, politics are great. Today’s issue with major changes in the presentation is superb, especially the one - business & technology- with biscuit colour paper is very attractive. My appreciations to your teamwork, value for money is laudable... Thanks, keep it up with great spirit.

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