DH Changemakers: 19 to Watch in 2019

DH Changemakers: 19 to Watch in 2019

They’re lighting up lives wherever they go. Meet a computer engineer who runs an institute for kids with multiple disabilities, an artist who brings transgender people into public art, a 23-year-old who makes films about rural life, a champion of Kannada who is winning important battles, a scientist who discovered a new species of frog, and a beekeeper who coaches others in his unique art. 

These are just a handful of the 19 young men and women whom Deccan Herald has recognised in its 16-page pullout “DH Changemakers: 19 to Watch in 2019” that is being circulated along with this New Year’s Day edition of the paper. 

You will find these and other inspiring stories from across Karnataka: There’s the riveting tale about the member of the Siddi tribe who is emerging as a star in the theatre circuit, and the percussionist who fuses Cuban and African patterns with Indian rhythms. Then there's the female entrepreneur whose start-up is helping other women return to work after career breaks. And the supercop whose hardscrabble beginnings would have snuffed out hope in many others. 

Do let us know what you think about the stories by writing to us at: dhchangemakers@deccanherald.co.in. And do log in to our microsite on 19in19.deccanherald.com, where you will find videos of these 19 remarkable people, as well as details on our social media conversations. 

- Team DH