ABVP, CPI stage protest against petrol price hike

ABVP, CPI stage protest against petrol price hike

Centre should immediately withdraw price hike of petrol

ABVP, CPI stage protest against petrol price hike

Protesting against the Centre’s hike in petrol prices by Rs 7.50, the students led by members of the Akhila Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishat staged a protest on Thursday.

The Centre has increased the price of petrol for the fourth time in the recent days. If every time the prices were being increased by Rs 4 to Rs 5 a litre this time it is by a whopping Rs 7.50 a litre which has hit the common man hard. There should be an immediate roll back in prices, urged the protesters.

The students marched from Hemavathi statute and reached BM Road and staged a rasta roko near Tanneruhalla.

As they staged the protest for more than a hour, the traffic was disrupted on this road and the vehicle users were put to a lot of inconvenience.

CPI protests

In the light of the devaluaiton of the rupee, the hike in petrol price by Rs 7.50 per litre is condemnable. The Centre’s move to increase the price is like scalding the skin of the buffalo if the bullock falls sick, said CPI local committee secretary Dharmesh.

The common man is already reeling under the price rise of daily commodities and with this hike in petrol prices he is put to more hardship.

It is due to the influence of the capitalists and the liberalisation policies the rupee is devalued against the  dollar.

However, the wrong economic policies being followed by the Centre is causing a burden on the common man which is an unpardonable sin. The government which has bowed to the  capitalists’ profit making greed is very unfortunate, he said in a release.

The Centre should immediately withdraw the price hike of petrol and also take back the power from the oil price fixing petroleum companies.

Otherwise the CPI will intensify the protest, he said.