Bond Ganapathy elected DCC Bank president

Bond Ganapathy elected DCC Bank president

Bond Ganapathy

Bond Ganapathy was unanimously elected as the president of the District Central Cooperative Bank of Kodagu, during the election of the office-bearers of the bank on Monday.

Ketolira Harish Poovaiah was unanimously elected as the vice president of the DCC for the second consecutive time on the occasion.

The election of office-bearers of DCC for a five-year term was held at the DCC Bank auditorium, under the supervision of election officer Bhimsen.

After the election of the board of directors, two persons had filed their nominations each, for the post of the president and vice president of the DCC. But as B S Manjunath and Kannanda Sampath withdrew their nominations, the returning officer declared the unanimous election of Bond Ganapathy and Harish Poovaiah.

Speaking on the occasion, Bond Ganapathy said that efforts will be made to provide financial support to the farmers through the bank. The loan availing process will also be made easier.

DCC former president B D Manjunath opined that there is a need to stress on the ATM, mobile banking and other initiatives in the DCC bank.

Bank directors Kimmudira Jagadish, B K Chinnappa, S B Bharat, Usha Tejaswi, Kolatanda Subramani and Hosuru Satish were present.