CPI(M) backs Poonaccha

CPI(M) backs Poonaccha

The CPI(M) has called the entire episode to be manifestation of BJP’s dictatorial nature and said that the member was not given a fare chance to present her point during the meeting by the President, which was unlawful.

Addressing a news conference on Thursday CPI(M) District Secretary E. Ra Durgaprasad said that the party undoubtedly condemns the behaviour of BJP.

“Sarita Poonaccha has been elected by the people. Her rights have been curbed by sending her out of the meeting,” he said adding that while BJP’s agenda was to see to it that no allegations were made against K G Bopaiah, it was the moral responsibility of the Congress party members to stand by Poonaccha unanimously. Unfortunately the Congress members remained silent during the meeting showing that they had no interest to fight against injustice and corruption.

He appreciated the dedication of Poonaccha who went ahead bravely to present her perspective even when her own party members were not backing her.

“Instead of staging a protest against the Zilla Panchayat administration for the injustice meted out at their own party member, the Congress District President is confining the party’s duty to just issuing statements. This shows the weakness of the party. Congress now seems to be the ‘B Team’ of BJP,” Durgaprasad said and added that probably the district level Congress leaders must be feeling awkward to raise voice against corruption in the district when their own top leaders are trying to hush up scams of millions of rupees at the centre.

The CPI(M) has demanded comprehensive probe into the allegations made by Poonaccha and also assured complete support to Poonaccha in future in her protest against corruption.