Demand for crabs, bamboo shoots rises in Madikeri

Demand for crabs, bamboo shoots rises in Madikeri

Crabs kept for sale beside a road in Madikeri.

It is the time of the year when people in Madikeri throng to purchase crabs and bamboo shoots.

Crabs, bamboo shoots and “Marakesu” have already entered markets in the district.

People consider crab as good for generating heat in the body which helps in braving the chill during monsoon.

The crab sellers collect 30kg to 40kg of crabs from H D Kote, Bheemanahalli and come to Madikeri to sell them. A bundle of crab (12 crabs) are priced at Rs 300. Crab fetches Rs 250 per kg.

In the past, crabs were available in plenty in paddy fields and water bodies. Now in spite of an increase in demand, there are a few people who sell it.

The availability of crabs has also declined, said crab seller Kumar.

Even the tourists who come here during weekends purchase bamboo shoots while returning home. The bamboo shoot is sold for Rs 40 to Rs 50 for half a kg.

The demand for “Marakesu” leaves also increases during the monsoon. The leaves are used for the preparation of “pathrode” and “bajji.”

The monsoon delicacies are served not only at home but at homestays and resorts as well.

There is a good demand for crab curry, crab fry, bamboo shoot pickle and bamboo shoot dry curry, said homestay owner Suyog.