Kolar in the 'eye' of conjunctivitis

Kolar in the 'eye' of conjunctivitis

Entire district suffers, as increasing number of people are infected

Kolar in the 'eye' of conjunctivitis

In a classic example of how the disease has spread in the city, one of the senior members of a joint family, residing at P C Layout contracted the disease a few days ago. Aware of the disease’s contagious nature, the member not only started wearing a black glass but segregated all his daily use items to stop the disease from spreading.

In spite of the precautionary measure taken by the member, by the time the conjunctivitis was cured another member of the family had contracted the disease. After spending thousands of rupees on medicines, the family members were finally relived of the problem. However, owner of a near-by grocery shop had contracted the disease.
The instance is just one of the stories of the many households in various layouts of city where disease is spreading rampantly.

The health department has however, not taken the issue seriously. The department has not even taken steps to spread awareness about disease as maintaining personal hygiene is the best remedial measure to avoid contracting conjunctivitis.
“There are reports about spread of conjunctivitis. The Primary Health Centres have been directed to give report about the number of people affected by conjunctivitis.

Nothing can be said about the disease as report is expected to come in the week-end,” said district Blindness Eradication Centre’s Dr Saraswati here on Wednesday.
“The staff of the primary health centres have been directed to spread awareness about the disease during a recent visit to the centres,” she added.
“Steps to contain the disease will be taken after the report on the member of people affected by the disease is submitted by the centres. If need arises pamphlets will be distributed to create awareness about the conjunctivitis. For now there is no need for the public to panic,” she added.

“Any action can be taken only after obtaining permission from the Joint Director of the Health department. Attempts have been made to contact the director in this regard, she added.

Lacking eye specialist
There has been a marked increase in conjunctivitis incidences in Mulbagal if the number of people wearing dark glasses is any indication.

The infection has resulted in segregation of the affected from the friends’ circle. Customers shy away from a shop as soon as they find the proprietor with swollen eyes.
The taluk lacks an ophthalmologist and infected are compelled to go to Kolar (35 kms away) or KGF (28 kms) for treatment. While the infected are advised to remain insides, absence of the doctor has compelled to move them out, at least for treatment.
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Preventing the disease is easy
People are misinformed that the disease spreads by looking at the eyes of an infected person. The real means to spread the infection is touch, not air. The disease spreads if a patient touches his own eyes with his hands, then touches other things which will later be touched by a healthy person.
 Do not touch your eyes repeatedly unnecessarily.
 An infected person must compulsorily wear dark glasses. A healthy person should not use these glasses.
 An infected person should not use steroid-based medicines for the eyes under any circumstances.
 An infected person should use cloth, not hands, to wipe his/her eyes.
 Since the infection reduces of its own accord, a person need not use any medicine for the eyes.
 However, if the problem persists despite all measures, consult a doctor.