Mysore-Bantwal highway widening works begin

Road works taken up by State Road Development Corporation

The road works taken up by Karnataka Road Development Corporation between Kushalnagar-Madikeri is in its last stage. The works are left in Kushalnagar and Suntikoppa town residential areas but R N N Company, which has got the contract of the road work has started clearing off the road sides at the entrance of Suntikoppa town for the last two days. This has caused a sense of fear among people. Frightened by this, many people have voluntarily vacated their homes and shops and on Sunday everyone was engaged in the same work of vacating the place.

City may lose identity

Many senior citizens who have seen the city grow feel that if the shops and houses on the either sides of the roads are pulled down, then Suntikoppa will lose its identity.
They opine that governing bodies should plan the bypass road on the outskirts of the city rather than planning it in the city.

Traders Sudarshan Naidu, M A Vasanth, K P Jagannath and others have requested the District Administration to provide some more time to vacate the houses.

They have even requested MLA Appachu Ranjan, who has instead asked the traders and house owners dwelling on the said road to vacate within 15 days, failing which he would personally come and inspect the eviction drive. This has caused fear and anxiety among the people.

Citizens’ request

Citizens have requested that they should be given some more time to vacate the area because the monsoons may start anytime soon making it difficult for them to shift into new place.

There are thousands of people living on Bangalore-Mangalore Highway, which passes through Suntikoppa, constructing houses, shops, running business etc.

KRDC has clearly said that widening of Kushalnagar-Madikeri road is inevitable and much needed because the road is very tight and congested.

While Suntikoppa road development work has become a sort of prestige issue for some elected representatives, for common man it has become a curse.

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