Ensure Modi's defeat to uphold Gandhism: Parameshwara

Ensure Modi's defeat to uphold Gandhism: Parameshwara

G Parameshwara

Deputy Chief Minister G Parameshwara on Tuesday said that the country would face a major crisis if Prime Minister Narendra Modi was not ousted from power in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Addressing party workers during the Gandhi Jayanti celebrations, Parameshwara said that the country’s economy had suffered under the Modi administration.

“Today debates are raging over Modism versus Gandhism. The latter has inspired several movements. It stands for equality, universal peace, harmony and overall development of the nation. But Modism stands for the exact opposite. Modism stands for polarisation and inequality. Such an ideology can never be relevant,” he said.

Parameshwara said the Congress would always advocate Gandhism.

He said that after Modi became the prime minister, common man had been hit by demonetisation and GST.

“There is no doubt that the country will be driven into a crisis situation if such an individual is re-elected as the prime minister. Hence, the onus is on us to ensure Modi’s defeat and Rahul Gandhi’s victory in the elections,” Parameshwara added.