Development of Raja Seat remains on paper only

Development of Raja Seat remains on paper only

Development of Raja Seat remains on paper only

delayed development: The proposed land for the extension of Raja Seat. (Right) A land earmarked for View point. DHphoto

The toy train, musical fountain are added attraction to the children. However, many visitors feel that the park has not made much progress. There is no shortage of tourists spots in Kodagu.

However, Karnataka is lagging behind in making tourist spots attractive unlike its neighbouring state Kerala.

Though BJP government has given some emphasis on the development and promotion of tourism in the State, the tourist spots in the district have not seen much development. For example, Gaddige in Madikeri is in deplorable condition owing to the lack of maintenance. The development of Raja Seat park, sound and light system in Fort premises have remained only as promises.

 It was former Deputy Commissioner Subodh Yadabv who mooted the idea to extend Raja Seat park and identified land for the purpose. The next DC K R Niranjan did not give much importance to it. Now the people are expecting the present DC K H Ashwathnarayana Gowda to pay attention towards it.

Subodh Yadav had plans to develop Raja Seat by acquiring 10 acre land and constructing a view point. Of the 10 acre land, 5 acre belongs to Horticulture department. However, no efforts have been done so far to acquire another five acre land. 

Horticulture department had submitted a proposal of Rs 1 crore to Tourism department for the development of Raja Seat. However, the proposal did not receive any reactions so far. As a result, owing to lack of funds, all the projects have remained neglected. If government releases funds, then Raja Seat can be developed within a year, says officials from Horticulture department.

Raja Seat entrance fee has been increased to Rs 5 from Rs 2 recently. Apart from installing seating arrangement, no new developmental works have been undertaken so far.