'Music to ears' works wonders as therapy

'Music to ears' works wonders as therapy

New beginning

Both of them stress upon the fact that this is not an alternative school of medicine but a therapy given along with the usual medicines.

Music therapy is the adminstration of music as treatment. It is a supplement to the treatment being given for an ailment.

It is impossible to cure diseases just by using music. Dr Anil and Sripad have conducted research for more than 12 years now on music therapy, mostly on patients with neurological disorders.

This therapy helps in supplementing the treatment of disorders such as Parkinsons disease, Alzheimer, neurosis, cardio psychosis and dementia.

Music therapy can also be administered to patients who are under depression due to various causes.

Person centric

This therapy is very individualistic . The treatment is given according to the needs of the patient.

A psychological analysis of each patient is done before administering the therapy. The personality, behaviour, likes , dislikes, social behaviour and work environment of the patient is analysed by interacting with the family and friends of the victim.

Based on this analysis and the severity of the trauma, the type of music and the duration of the session is decided. The therapy changes from one patient to another.

Soothing music

Karnatak, Hindustani and western music is used in the therapy. Meditation and silence also form part of the therapy. According to Sripad, soothing music always helps the patient. Some of the common ragas used are Todi, Yaman Kalyan, Mohana, Shivaranjini and Kalyani. Pieces of Mozart and Beethoven have also been used.  This is not a music recital but a communication between the patient and the doctor, said Sripad.

Music containing notes which are frequencies, reach the ear and are transmitted to the brain.   When the brain percives music it increases the activity in the brain and results in neuroplasty, which is the regeneration of neurons. It also initiates the release of Dopamine ,a harmone which induces a feeling of well being and happiness. It is found that music initiates in the pleasure centers of the brain.

Music therapy helps patient to recover faster. All aspects of  music such as the tone, rhythm, timbre, and even the lyrics matter when music is given for treatment.

Dance therapy is also a part of Music therapy. Rhythmic walking is a part of this therapy where patients recovering from accidents and paralysis stroke have found them beneficial.

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