ADB Phase 2 work: ‘Need third party review’

ADB Phase 2 work: ‘Need third party review’

Mangaluru South MLA D Vedavyas Kamath urged the government to order a third party inspection into the works under ADB Phase 2.

The MLA said there have been some bitter experiences with the works under ADB Phase 1. There is a need to ensure the works under ADB Phase 2 do not meet the same fate.

“The City Corporation has been released Rs 31.51 crore under the Central government’s Amrit project. The tender process is on. Also, Rs 461 crore has been released under Phase 2 and the tender process is on too,” said Kamath.

‘Poor quality work’

The MLA said, “It was claimed during the upgrade of the Thumbe dam, purification plant and storage tanks, that the water would be sufficient till 2026. The works cost Rs 150 crore under ADB Phase 1. Due to mismanagement and poor quality work, the claims were not fulfilled. The MCC did not agree to receive the completed works handed over by the Kudcemp as the works were substandard.”

Former MLA J R Lobo, who was in-charge of the ADB works should explain what happened to the claims by the Corporation administration while carrying out works under Phase 1, he demanded.

“When the Congress had been in power in the state and in the MCC, it had rejected the proposal to raise the level of the Thumbe dam from 4 metres to 7 metres. The proposal was approved by the state government during the chief ministerial tenure of B S Yeddyurappa,” he pointed out.

“The Congress government, however, did not disburse the compensation to the displaced families whose lands worth a total of Rs 120 crore as inundated during the rise of the level of Thumbe dam. The MLAs did nothing to bring in funds. What measures are taken by the coalition government to bring in Rs 120 crore?” he asked.

Water woes

“The distribution of water done through tankers should be judicious. Many households are not getting water. No politics should be involved. The people too are requested to use water judiciously,” Kamath added.

He demanded to know how many tankers of MCC are in good condition and how many of them have been maintained.

While visiting the Thumbe dam, District In-charge Minister U T Khader did not intimate the MLAs of the region. Khader should have taken the Opposition party MLAs into confidence, he pointed out.