Curtains down on Crafts Mela in Madikeri

Curtains down on Crafts Mela in Madikeri

Artist Nageshwar trains students in preparing 'Cheriyal' masks at the Crafts Mela in Madikeri.

Artistes introduced various Indian art forms to around 800 students during the three days of Craft Mela in Madikeri on Monday.

The ‘crafts mela’ was organised by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavana Kodagu Vidyalaya and Spicmacay.

Dance exponent Vyjayanthi Kashi, who was one of the resource persons, said that Madikeri has a favourable learning atmosphere.

She said that teaching the cultural nuances to the new generation was an enthralling experience and called upon the present generation to preserve the art forms of India.

Artist Ishwar Nayak said that the training of Chittara art, which has been an indivisible part of the religious rituals in India, was imparted to students.

Revanna from Mysuru taught ‘Kamsale’, the folk art form to children. Around 80 students learnt the art form.

Nageshwar from Telangana taught how to prepare ‘Cherial’ mask using tamarind powder while Addesh Kumar trained the students in making paper mache artworks.

The participants received training in Ghond style of drawing from Venkataraman Singh. Basanthi and Gangubai from Sonduru in Bellary taught embroidery to women.

Krishnadas of Guruvayuru taught Kalaripayattu, while Shrinivas Asthan taught Yakshagana to 90 children.

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Kodagu centre president K S Devaiah, general secretary Balaji Kashyap, CEO Vidya Harish and manager Ravi were present.