Dirty water supplied to households

Dirty water supplied to households

The water supplied by the Chikkamagaluru CMC is contaminated.

The residents of Hosamane layout are getting contaminated water in the taps having City Municipal Council connections. 

The water is contaminated by soil and other waste. Residents are refraining from using the water as it has a foul smell.

Most of the residents in the locality collect water for drinking and cooking from borewells. Some purchase water from shops. The tap water is used for washing clothes.

Nazir, a resident said that the water from the gutter is getting mixed with water supply pipes and therefore, the water supplied to households is contaminated. "Samples are collected in bottles, to be tested in the laboratory," he added.

The locality gets water supply once in three days. The residents fear the outbreak of vector-borne diseases.

Another resident Shanta said that she has been getting contaminated water. This usually happens when the gutters are clogged. Complaining to the CMC have borne no results.

The drinking water pipeline is closer to the gutters in several places. The condition of gutters is pathetic as a lot of sewage is dumped in them. The area has become a breeding place of mosquitoes.

Chandrakala, a local resident said that the people in the region have not been using the water supplied by CMC for consumption.

Gayatri, a homemaker said that her family is compelled to purchase water from outside. They are forced to shell out a lot of money for drinking water. The water supplied in pipes is not fit for drinking. Sometimes, the water comes with froth.

City Municipal Council Commissioner K Parameshi said that the problem has not come to his notice. A spot inspection will be held to look into the issue.