DK sees decline in malaria cases: DHO

DK sees decline in malaria cases: DHO

There has been a decline in malaria cases in the district in the past six years, District Health Officer (DHO) Dr Ramakrishna Rao has said.

In 2014, there were 8,240 positive cases of malaria reported. So far, in 2019, only 494 cases in Dakshina Kannada have tested positive for malaria. In 2015, there were 6,480 blood smears that tested positive, of which 551 were pf (Plasmodium falciparum) malaria. Also, 5,977 cases were reported in Mangaluru city.

In 2016, the positive cases were 6,409, of which, 5,828 cases were reported from Mangaluru and 1,033 were pf malaria cases. The cases declined to 4,741 in 2017, with 4,144 cases being reported in Mangaluru alone. Out of the malaria positive cases, 831 were pf malaria.

In 2018, the district had 3,871 malaria cases reported, of which, 3,599 cases were reported in Mangaluru alone. Out of the malaria positive cases, 649 cases were pf malaria.

World Malaria Day

The DHO told reporters at the Patrika Bhavan on Wednesday that World Malaria Day will be observed on April 25 on the theme, ‘Malaria Prevention Begins With Me’.

An awareness programme will be organised in all the government offices on the breeding of mosquitoes. Pamphlets will be distributed to create awareness on preventing the spread of malaria.

In a drive to create awareness on malaria, over 60 under-construction buildings had been inspected to ensure that the builders follow procedures on preventing stagnation of water.

Every building owners had been asked to clear to keep the place clean. Notices and fines were imposed on those who failed to comply with the rules.


A software that maintains a database of all malaria cases was updated regularly by the hospitals to monitor the malaria cases. The software helps to address the problems in specific areas where malaria is on the rise.

District Vector Borne Disease Control Officer Dr Arun Kumar S B stated that Dakshina Kannada district accounts for a large number of malaria cases in Karnataka.

With the guidelines of National Framework for Malaria Elimination, the State Framework has been conducting various campaigns on preventing malaria. About 60 multi purpose workers were actively engaged in visiting houses and conducting survey on malaria cases in Mangaluru.

Survey on migrant labourers are conducted to check malaria cases. A 24x7 mobile malaria clinic has been set up to collect blood samples and provide treatment to the patients. Meditated nets have also been distributed among the needy.

Stating that there has been a decline in malaria cases in the city, Dr Arun Kumar said, “Our goal is to reduce it further by 2023.”

He also appealed citizens to check the breeding of mosquitoes in their surroundings.

Malaria statistics

Year         Total positive            pf cases               Mangaluru
2014          8240                       719                      7360
2015          6480                       551                      5977
2016          6409                       1033                    5828
2017          4741                         831                    4144
2018          3871                         649                     3599
2019 (till date) 494                       39                      471